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Jul 1, 2021


Impact Snacks Sustainable Flexible Film Packaging

Weston Graphics Sustainable Flexible Film Work

Impact Snacks raises the bar with its new superfood bar wrapper while lowering its environmental footprint. The snack food company set out to use a wrapper that would deliver the convenience of a disposable wrapper to consumers without the waste. To help Impact Snacks meet its sustainability goals, we used a bioplastic film made from plants that is certified home compostable in 30 days. The wrapper is:

  • Based on renewable resources
  • Certified compostable in both industrial and home composting environments
  • Approved for marine biodegradation
  • Approved for anerobic digestion
  • Provides an excellent barrier to moisture, gasses, and aromas

“The wrapper looks and feels like standard plastic films, yet it decomposes through warmth and moisture at home and in any environment in a reasonable time, which is 30 days, including a marine environment,” says Steven MacMaster, Sustainability Controller, Impact Snacks.

You can read all about the sustainably optimized product packaging and Impact Snack’s 100% plant-based product launch in the article, “Carbon-Negative Snack’s Packaging is Home Compostable,” written by Rick Lingle and published on Packaging Digest and Plastics Today.

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Featured image credit: Packaging Digest.

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