We create primary and secondary packaging for food, cosmetics, and more.

What is Primary and Secondary Packaging?

Packaging is really two fold (pun intended):

  1. Primary packaging is the container that holds the actual product. It is the jar that holds your eye cream or the wrapper that covers the nutritional bar you had as a snack today. An easy way to remember this is “primary,” meaning one or first, is first thing that touches the product.
  2. Secondary packaging is the box or container that the primary package goes in. It is second to the product. It is the box you see on the store shelf containing the jar of eye cream or the box holding the full pack of wrapped nutritional bars.
Our Primary Packaging Services:
  • SUP – Custom printed flexible pouches and bags that protect its contents from moisture, odor, pests, air, and light.
  • Roll Stocks – Custom printed roll stock for horizontal wrappers or form, fill, and seal (FFS) machines.
  • Shrink Sleeves – Shrink sleeves are formed like a tube and then slid over a container to be labeled. Heat is applied to shrink the label for a snug fit contouring to the shape of the container.
  • 3 Sided Seal – Custom printed packaging available in a wide range of barrier properties that to fit your application, while sealing in such things as freshness, flavor, and nutritional qualities.
  • Food Safe Printing – We use food-safe inks that are water-based, non-toxic, and free of UV-reactive chemistries in compliance with FDA standards for packaging that comes in direct contact with food.
Our Secondary Packaging Services:
  • Display Boxes
    • Folding Cartons
    • Turned Edge Boxes
  • Package Labels –
    • Jar Labels
    • Tub Labels
    • Shipping Labels

Because Your Products Should Look Great on the Shelf.

Our packaging sells your product resells!

Your products are a direct representation of who you are. The packaging used to sell and deliver your products should reflect that. From quality materials, consistent ink colors, and functional design, you can count on us to deliver finished goods that you will be proud to display.

We’re Committed to Sustainability

Sustainability is not an option; it’s a choice we make. As an industry leader, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. We strive to increase productivity, create earth-friendly products, reduce waste and save energy.

Environmental Awareness

Our folding carton facility, The Impress building, is a certified Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) chain-of-custody printer. This assures clients that we are following the criteria and standards set forth by the FSC to save and preserve our forests for future generations. FSC® available on request.


Impress is one of only ten California printers on the Green Team Honor Roll.

Sustainable Materials

We care about the planet and we know that you and your consumers do too. As the push for greener healthier ways continues, we are proud to offer Tree-Free™ Paperboard.

Tree-Free™ Paperboard is:

  • 100% Tree Free™
  • 100% Compostable
  • Biodegradable
  • BPA Free
  • Chlorine and Dye Free
  • USDA BioPreferred
  • Made From Bagasse – A formerly wasted by-product of sugarcane and rapidly renewable material
  • Virgin Material* – Out-performs recycled products without harming the planet
  • Strong Durable Board
  • No Added Chemicals or Bleaches
  • Customizable

*Virgin material is material that as not been previously used

Packaging in Action.

Medical Device Manufacturer Moves to Tree-Free™ Paper Packaging

Medical Device Manufacturer Moves to Tree-Free™ Paper Packaging

Weston Graphics Sustainable Packaging Neonatal and pediatric medical device manufacturer Neotech recently replaced the traditional tree-based paperboard packaging on its NeoBar endotracheal tube holder with Tree-Free paper. The renewable plant-based material is made...

Home Compostable Packaging

Home Compostable Packaging

Weston Graphics Sustainable Flexible Film Work Impact Snacks raises the bar with its new superfood bar wrapper while lowering its environmental footprint. The snack food company set out to use a wrapper that would deliver the convenience of a disposable wrapper to...

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